Popular United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean entrepreneur and social media personality Olinda Chapel has told controversial and flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivhayo to give Zimbabweans US$100 000 each after Chivhayo claimed he is worth US$100 000 000.

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Chivhayo and Chapel exchanged sensitive words on Facebook after Olinda had criticised Chivhayo over his dubious distribution of cars amid allegations that he defrauded the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) of US$5,6 million via the Gwanda Solar Project.

Responding to Chivhayo’s comment Olinda said: “Zimbabwe has 16 million people. You claim you are worth more than 100 million. Give them 100k eash if you are rich. Buying less than 10 cars without papers and you think you are big. The only thing big about you is your weight young man. I stand for Zim.”

Olinda tell Chivhayo, you are not rich

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Right now 80% of you are cheering for the new cars either you are on a candle light, torch or traditional lights or solar lights. But someone looted solar power project funds. Citizens you have problems” Olinda

“I’m not offended by your baseless and nonsensical sentiments at all my sister. I know chirwere ichi chinopa vakawanda hasha dzakanyanya ndosaka chakanzi nevakuru Shuramatongo”– Chivhayo

Yet you wanted to eat this p*ssy” Olinda

Tichikura waive pfambi ku Houghton Park saka nyaya yako yeku nyeba iyi and you know yourself I have never looked at you like that or have I ever approached you for a quotation” Chivhayo

In 2023, Chapel made outrageous claims about Wicknell Chivayo as the the two personalities have made a name for themselves as clout chasers on social media.

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