A parastatal responsible for the accreditation of universities, The Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (Zimche) has deregistered 7 foreign Higher Education Institutions which are no longer accredited, Maritimes News has learnt.

This also comes after Zimche had announced that unaccredited institutions should stop dishing honorary degrees which is a violation of the law.

Zimche does not recognise online qualifications and honorary degrees being dished out by institutions that are not accredited.

In a statement Zimche urged the public to first verify the accreditation status of foreign universities before they proceed to enroll.

“In light of this development, we strongly advise members of the public to verify the accreditation status of foreign universities they intend to enrol with or consider for their children’s university education. Studying at an unaccredited institution may result in financial loss and have serious implications for one’s academic qualification and career prospects,” part of the statement reads.

The Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education's statement
The Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education’s statement

According to Zimche, the following institutions are 7 foreign universities deregistered and no longer accredited in Zimbabwe.

1) Girne American University                                       Northern Cyprus

2) Sharda University of India                                          India

3) Parul University                                                            India

4) Near East University                                                 Northern Cyprus

5) University of Kyrenia                                                Northern Cyprus

6) The European University of Lefke                         Northern Cyprus

7) University of Nicosia Northern                                Cyprus

Zimche also reiterated that it remains dedicated to promoting excellence in higher education and safeguarding the interests of the Zimbabwean public.

For more information on higher education Institutions that are accredited in Zimbabwe In accordance with the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education Act (Chapter 25:27), please feel free to contact them using the details on their website.


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