Zimbabweans have express mixed feelings after the senior national football team settled for silver medal at the Four-Nation Tournament. Warriors lost 3-1 to Kenya in an eventful final played in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Zimbabwe won against Zambia on penalties to take Kenya on the final match.

Here is how some Zimbabweans reacted after warriors lost to Kenya:

MuZimbabwe chatinogona iBonde chete (In Zimbabwe, we only know sex) – MJM

Haaa pane imwe player ine manudes evanhu veZifa nemacoaches. Iyeye haana chaanoita zvake bt anongosheedzwa national dutyReward Joe Gumbo

I watched Zimbabwe vs Zambia and they were playing some nice football and was really hoping to see that today but today after they scored the strategy looked like let’s defend this lead which is absolutely terriblekuzco Barbosa

Mutasa sir, I respect you and I know you are trying to bring standards to ZIFA and make it better than before. However the national team needs your attention, questions need to be answered on how Mapeza was appointed warriors coach, what process was followed?Musakwa

I didn’t grasp the tactical approach of playing Teenage as a left back ahead of Zemura and Lunga? The formation that we applied is questionable? The goalie is a suspect. The substitution was too late. In short the coaching staff lacked depth.The Pollinator

Norman Mapeza had his chances. It’s enough, he has failed dismally!! High school football tactics, for friendly matches he failed to give everyone who came a chance ? You think the UK based guys will continue to commit ? Bring another coach with his goalkeeper- Ngonidzashe waMatthew

They should give the team to Bruce. The team needs that old fashioned kick in the backside to get them playing for the flag. Mapeza had his time and is clear he has it against the young Zemura boy.WM Mm

Poor coaching, how did Zemura sit out that one.Tatenda Jokonya

Lets hope we dont play like this when its time for World Cup qualifiers in JuneTak

Who exactly appoints a coach at ZIFA ?? Mapeza keeps failing and playing his failing players but you keep returning him,what miracle are you expecting??Future Wako Mthunzi

The blame lies squarely on the corridors of ZIFA. Mapeza is not the right man for the job.Brito came up with an impressive blueprint on the way forwad after outstanding perfomances in the WC qualifiers and you chose to let him go. About today the least said the better!- Styles Mubaira

Zifa must be worst organisation how to do you hire such a coach who fails to include all players to assess them this is a friendly match for goodness sake let others plays..how in the world did zifa hire this guy which creteria was used???tamie clayton

ZIFA, I think in all fairness kudos to you for a well organised camp! This time you got all players needed to a camp for friendlies. The coach you hired did not match your efforts. Anyway, thanks to coach Mapeza for showing u as ZIFA that we need a different coach!Brighton Mupangavanhu

Mapeza and Donovan if they love their country whole heartedly they should stay away from the worriors squad for good.- tonderai nigel nhandara

Tough luck to our boys but would have loved to see new faces in the first 11 guess the coach wanted to win rather than access the new members of the squad. Our goalie is a suspect dai mambopavo MapisaMambo Kunta

What a ridiculous display. They couldn’t even pass the ball or retain possession. You could see Kenya were more drilled and organised, they had a game plan, unlike the 19th century hoof it football by ZimCertified Hustla


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