Nick Mangwana and other government officials should be liable to what they say to the public as their messages shape public perception and influence the lives of millions in and outside Zimbabwe.

A few months ago, Information and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary Ndavaningi ‘Nick’ Mangwana said Zimbabwe has enough grain to feed the nation.

Nick Mangwana
Nick Mangwana’s tweet

“Forget about the Maize Surplus. We have that alright. Forget about the fiscal surplus. That’s no longer breaking news. For the first time ever, we have a wheat surplus of 40000MT. How about that? Does anyone still doubt these results that speak for themselves?” Mangwana posted on his X account.

Nick Mangwana
Nick Mangwana’s tweet

Government officials like Mangwana and Presidential spokesperson George Charamba always say such type of information with so much arrogance, misleading the nation.

The Irony in this

A few months down the line President Emmerson Mnangagwa declares drought a state of national disaster. These government officials must be sued for misleading the nation with their social media pages. Imagine Nick Mangwana has more than half a million followers on X but he keeps sharing wrong information to the public. A crucial question lingers, are they truly accountable for their words?

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