Popular comedienne Mai Titi’s daughter Fifi has shocked the public after her private pictures leaked. The pictures have been circulating on various social media platforms since yesterday.

Last year, Mai Titi’s private pictures were also circulated on social media.

Below are some comments after Fifi’s nude pictures leaked.

In all this, you need to realize the young girl is actually a victim. A victim of growing up without a proper role model and without a father figure. These are the effects of the shameless immoral lifestyle being pushed by a lot of female influencers on the internet. If the kids are seeing their mothers talking vulgar, twerking and leaking nudes, why won’t they follow suit? I feel pity actually for the young girl, she grows up under this toxic environment of a mother addicted to sex, attention and validation.

Then the mother went away for a long time, locked up for fraud. A child all alone is vulnerable to all kinds of influences It’s sad a girl that young, her innocence has already been destroyed. That will stick with her for the rest of her life, she’ll always be labelled. Even if she changes, it’s like a criminal record, she’ll always be a convict. Blame the mother, she’s wholly responsible for this. What kind of example is she setting for her kids, when she’s jumping from one man to another.

When she’s always screaming obscenities on social media. When she’s leaking her own nudes for attention and male validation. Parents need to do better, to be more specific, single mothers need to do better. The mother had nudes all over social media in 2023 The daughter now has nudes all over social media in 2024 Daughters will most likely imitate their mothers If she is being raised by a single mother, run The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Learn OR perish!!!Shadaya

Fifi was Mai Titi understood the assignment. Like mother like daughter Wema Bars

Fifi’s nudes reaching the whole country faster than the ZIG man ᗩl wᗩdᑌd_tᕼe sIᗰᑭ

Mai Titi’s daughter Fifi dropped nud*s in support of what her mother did last year this same monthMutovo

Fifi is a legend she broke the record of worlds most leaked nudes in one daycerevitagirl🇿🇼

The clearest indicator of who a woman will become is her mother. If the mother is no good, she can’t raise her daughters to be otherwise. The law never fails to hold sway.Bambulu 

That’s why before you marry a lady make sure you get to meet the mother if she’s still alive, because 90% of the time the daughters are a reflection of their mum. See how the mum treats the Dad, see how homely their house look and your answer won’t be too far.Tobi

These are the effects of the shameless immoral lifestyle being pushed by a lot of female influencers on the internet.Alpha Man

The role that a father can play in children’s lives is underrated. Fifi’s problem is fatherless. How can her Mother teach when she also has them on internet. Mhembwe rudzi inozvara mwana anekazhumwiMurehwa-Princess

My take on this Fifi issue is that parents of minor children should take active steps in monitoring what their children do on their phones. Check those gadgets randomly, know who they are talking to & remain very strict. To some extent it may bring an added layer of discipline. – Pastor Tom

Fifi has dropped an album before wemabarsThe Equalizər

Pane boyfriend yeumwe irikuita ku begger for video ra fifi panohakunyare here kuda kuonerera mwanaChihuku chechibhoyi

Mai Titi’s daughter, who goes by the name Fifi, released her own nudes and the boys love them. Mai Titi is a Zimbabwean comedian and nudist.Zoe bester

Since morning Wemabars been posting Fifi nudes, it’s now giving pedophile vibes, imagine if he was pushing his music the same way.- 𝐒𝐇𝐔𝐌𝐁𝐀 𝐌𝐔𝐑𝐀𝐌𝐁𝐖𝐈

Zim men right now running to grab a vaseline for Fifi’s pic Muff-Maff

Mwana ngaachinje hake account from Fifi wamai Titi to morden day Evegraduate risina graft


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