An opposition activist lashed out at Zanu PF Members who were rallying supporters to board buses for the Independence celebrations in Buhera, Murambinda Manicaland province.

Today, Zimbabwe celebrates its independence which it attained in 1980 through the liberation struggle.

In an audio circulating in WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms a male opposition activist who refused to be named said that there was nothing to celebrate. He also stated that only the few are enjoying the fruits of independence.

Click here to listen as the opposition activist lash out to Zanu PF members

Not yet, Uhuru, he says. “Why should we board buses, squashed, when they are traveling on helicopters?”

“We are not coming there, you can go alone. You gave us dirty t-shirts. You demolished our houses and chased us from the farms but today you want us to celebrate what independence?. After the celebrations you will give us bread like your dogs. You are giving us ZiG yet you are looting real money, the US Dollars.,” he added.


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