Award winning Zimdancehall star Kelvin Kusikwenyu known in music circles as Killer T’s recent single track Kana Ndanyura has reached 2 million views in 4 weeks on YouTube. This is new in the history of Zimdancehall music.

The song was released a week before Winky D’s Love Quartet. Winky’s 4 tracks carried titles like Iyeye, Shift, Dai and Akaenda which featured Frya.

The song Iyeya came number 1 trending on YouTube for a week but Killer T’s Kana Ndanyura bounced back on number one till today.

The hit song has been number one trending on YouTube since it was released expect for a week. This has sparked debates on social media with fans saying that Winky D released bubblegum music this time after his Eureka album.

Meanwhile, Killer T’s song kana Ndanyura has been trending on Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram challenges.

Some say this is a love song discouraging people who may want to give wrong advice to people who are deeply in love.

The lyrics which partly go : Zverudo musaite semusingazvizive ko kana ndanyura (Don not act like you do not know love issues, what if I am deeply in Love) have emerged as the most favorite part for many.

Zimbabweans in the diaspora have also joined Killer T’s new song video challenges.


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