A husband from Budiriro 2 in Harare was on Friday dragged to court by his wife, who revealed that their marriage had become sour after he started bedding his late best friend’s wife barely two weeks after he died.

Caroline Matutu made these allegations against her husband Lazarus Banda before Harare magistrate Johanna Mukwesha in her application for a protection order.

She told the court that her husband Banda was physically abusing her because he wanted to chase her and their children away from their matrimonial home.

Matutu also accused Banda of coming home late and harassing her in a bid to frustrate her to leave the house.

She also submitted that her husband had a sexual relationship with his late best friend’s wife and assumed that he wanted to start living with her.

Banda, however, denied harassing Matutu, whom he accused of failing to perform her conjugal duties.

He said he was prompted to start an affair with another woman because his wife had moved out of their matrimonial bedroom to their children’s bedroom in the past two months.

Banda also accused Matutu of being promiscuous saying her behaviour had changed after she became a cross-border trader.

However, Mukwesha granted Matutu a five-year protection order against her husband.

She ordered Banda to stop assaulting, harassing and threatening to chase his wife away.


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